Lithography with Peter Lancaster

How lucky was I to get to do a full day lithography workshop with Peter Lancaster on the weekend. It was exhilarating, in part because I could focus on the one thing all day AND have something to show for it, so I guess I was enthusiastic just walking out the door without my usual entourage.

Peter brought with him some exquisite examples of lithography, which you can view on his site. First he demonstrated techniques for drawing the image onto the aluminium plate and we all had a go. I forgot about not touching the printable area with my hands, so you can see a ghost in my print that looks remarkably like the side of my hand. I need to hone my crayon-drawing chops to achieve the beautiful tonal qualities of James Pasakos. Preparing and printing our plates was very involved and I won’t try to explain the process here, except to say that I now have a very clear idea of just how much is involved in achieving a great litho print, and huge admiration for the printmakers and artists that can do it so masterfully.

So here’s the first, but certainly not my last attempt at Lithography.

The print is a response to Lyle Lovett’s ‘If I had a boat’. A favourite song of mine and my dad’s. I’m working on a linocut of the same image so stay tuned.

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