Here come the Hobyahs

Here come the Hobyahs
collograph and linocut

It’s been months of research and experiments, and having a baby in between, to at last get to print my Hobyah series. Thanks to everyone who helped with my research.

This is the first, titled ‘Here come the ‘Hobyahs. It describes the beginning of the story:
Once upon a time a little old woman and a little old man lived in the bush in a hut made of bark. They had a little yellow dog called Dingo. The little yellow dog always barked when anyone came near the hut. (Real dingoes do not bark—they howl—but this dog barked.)”

For the surrounding bush I was inspired by a description in Kate Grenville’s The Secret River, “It was exhausting to look at: different everywhere and yet everywhere the same.”  I made collograph of masking tape and overprinted 3 times.

Here come the Hobyahs (detail)The linocut depicts Dingo guarding the exposed old man and lady who are oblivious to the threat and asleep in their bed in the little bark hut.

There are more prints in this series that I will add later

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